Fault Repair

GYROCOMPASS DEVICES, MAINTENANCE, FAULT REPAIR, TESTING, SECOND-HAND, AND ZERO FOR sale made by our company. zero devices sale after guarantee given to the international. second-hand devices to the sale after domestic warranty is given.

AKHAN MARINE ELECTRONICS; GYROCOMPASS EQUIPMENT MALFUNCTION REPAIR our technicians are specialized in the issue of the best way of troubleshooting at the stage of themselves in the market conditions have proved effective. shipping companies and ship agents that trust allocated to the our company and our trust as a result, the company, in the country occurred in the gyrocompass failure to 70 % of the fixes.


Still today, the life sustaining usually THE M/V VOLGOBALT Type ships in the old Russian GYROCOMPASS models (AMUR M - AMUR 3M , THE COURSE 3 - COURSE 4 ) the failure and the repair of the annual maintenance can perform stocks to be strong as a result of the first place in the field of in a company.